Festival for Playful Public Spaces

Designers and Games

Agustina Woodgate (AR/US)


Woodgate's interventions, objects and collaborative events are a reaction to our constructed structures exploring their impact in the surrounding landscapes. Her work considers behavior patterns and organizational systems across times and invites people to interact with them in new ways. She reflects on civic politics and the use of space and place, often with a ludic and regenerative approach. Inspired by thermodynamics and the perpetual motion of things, her process-oriented practice considers everything, discards nothing, and turns everything into something else.

Woodgate graduated from the National University of Visual Arts, Argentina, in 2004 and has exhibited extensively in U.S and abroad. She has initiated collaborative projects and has been awarded artists residencies both nationally and internationally. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Applied Living (SE)


Applied Living is an interdisciplinary group interested in play, aesthetics, and how such experiences may be shaped through means like ritual, technology or other configurations. “A Drift” is their first collaboration.

Group members are Niklas Persson, Mikael Vesavuori from Gothenburg, Sweden and Thom Kiraly, from Malmö, Sweden.

Bytomska Gra Miejska (PL)


We are the team organizing location-based games mainly in our hometown Bytom, Poland. Every edition has different main theme.

costumes by cocciacostumier (UK)

Ham-fisted & highly sprung, the hostesses hail from the disUnited Kingdom - a nation renowned, according to empirical evidence, for foisting impeccable manners & convoluted ways of doing things on unsuspecting people, yet rarely for its culinary idiosyncrasies.

David Fono (CA)

www.mobilefono.com @fonograph

David Fono is a Canadian developer and designer who creates playful experiences that live at the intersection of Physical Rd and Digital Ave. Frequently he's done it with Atmosphere Industries, a pervasive games collective. Sometimes he does it with Stitch Media, an interactive production company that specializes in finding new ways to tell stories. Sometimes he does it with The Mission Business, an experience design company that operates at the intersection of theatre, gaming and design thinking. And other times he does it on his own, furiously, in a small room, while drinking.

Dcalk (FR/BE)


Dcalk started in 2011 with the DIY publishing of its first adult board game Borgia, le jeu malsain with a critical approach on games'power from the Renaissance transfered to a contemporary political context. Since then, Dcalk connects ludic culture with other domains & practices (publishing, collaborative writing, digital fabrication, design, free/libre open source software, culture, cultural mediation) to reflect on its innovative forms and processes of creation, reproduction and diffusion. dcalk

Departament Gier with Encounter teams from Warsaw and Penza (PL/RU)


Departament Gier (Game Department) - Polish group of game designers from the wonderful city of Łódź. We're making games since 2007, what interests us most is developing positive relation between city and its inhabitants. We're trying different forms to discover and develop this relation - historical based city games, educational games, sound games, Alternate Reality Games, board games. Since 2013 small part of Departartament Gier emigrated to Saint Petersburg, where we're searching for new ideas for our projects. Departament Gier is a part of Topografie Association.

Encounter is an international network of active urban games. Developed in 2001 by Ivan Masliukov become large network with over 8000 games played and over hundreds of thousands participants. There are several types of games within network, many of them played at night in abandoned buildings. However games can look dangerous there are not many accidents.

For Playpublik game we're cooperating with Encounter teams from Warsaw (PL) and Penza (RU).

Elina Roinioti (GR)

Elina Roinioti is a sociologist, a game designer and a Research Associate at the Laboratory of Digital Creativity of the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University. Her field of research is online games and her field of action is game design. She has organized and designed several educational and scientific events and she has presented her work in five game festivals.

During Playpublik, Elina is collaborating with Katerina Koulouri.

Entropika (GR)


Artemis is an architect and multimedia artist working with interactive technology. She explores the urban condition, landscape and systemic design through large-scale interactive installations and hybrid objects while aiming at the active participation of audiences. Artemis has co-founded Athens Plaython, a street games festival and teaches workshops on art & electronics. She has recently shown her work at the Athens Science Festival (Athens 2014), The Art Foundation (Athens 2014), Piksel (Bergen 2013), ArtUp! (Sofia 2013), Digital Futures Victoria & Albert (London 2013) and recently established Entropika, an interdisciplinary design lab.

Artemis and Elina are collaborating with composer Stratos Bichakis and web developer/photographer Christos Koutosuradis.

Eric Zimmerman (US)


Eric Zimmerman is a game designer and an Arts Professor at the NYU Game Center in New York City. He creates games and playful situations on and off the computer.

Fire Hazard (UK)


Game creators Fire Hazard, previously known for zombie-themed shootouts in the woods and the live-action burglary Heist, have been running and screaming since 2008. Citydash has appeared at games festivals in Bristol, Berlin, and Copenhagen, and runs regularly in London. firehazardlogo

Focus - Matteo Uguzzoni, Augusto Pirovano (IT)


Focus is a not for profit organization that since 2009 has developed several urban and pervasive games in Italy and Europe. Its most important game so far, CriticalCity Upload, engaged more than 13.000 players that performed more than 20.000 creative missions around the world. FocusLogo

Gian and Friends (DK)

The friends who created Baking With Freinds all met and created the game at Exile gamejam spring 2014. We came from different backgrounds, as students, programmers, gamedesigners, 3d artists, sounddesigner and generally just people who love cakes and games.

Greg Foster, Jana Wendler, Scott Gaule and Copenhagen Games Collective (UK/DE)

Scott Gaule is a cultural researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University, whose work focuses on the roles of play and games in contemporary society. He is currently working with designers and academics as part of the Games and Social Change network.

Grupa MV - Viola Kijowska, Marcin Ropka (PL)


Grupa MV is a group set up in 2010 by two people: Viola Kijowska and Marcin Ropka. Their activities focus mainly on two areas: 1) organizing urban games played on the streets and squares of the city, and 2) designing and testing board games and supporting new authors. Up to now, they have organized more than 10 urban games and have invented the same number of board games. Grupa MV actively supports new and young board games designers under the umbrella of TNT group bringing together Polish card and board game designers and testers from area of Krakow. The group’s primary purpose is to meet regularly to test game prototypes.

Holly Gramazio (UK)


Holly is a game designer who's particularly interested in games for public space, and work at the intersection of games and other cultural forms. She's led on design for games ranging from the New Year Games, which sent 12,000 players hurtling around the streets of Edinburgh, to How To Be A Blackbird, a half-game half-poem about a small blackbird in a big city. She previously curated the Hide&Seek Weekender on London's South Bank, and consults on other people's games as well as designing her own.

Invisible Playground (DE)

invisibleplayground.com @InvPlayground

Invisible Playground creates site-specific street-, audio- and transmedia-games for cities games for cities using social dynamics, technical infrastructures and physical architectures. The team of six artists, designers and scientists highlight the everyday playgrounds and makes cities become platforms for playful experiences. Invisible Playground are Jennifer Aksu, Daniel Boy, Josa Gerhard, Anna Hentschel, Christiane Hütter and Sebastian Quack.

Jason Corace (US)


Jason Corace is a media artist and educator whose work and research is focused on the exploration of game design and interactive art. He holds an undergraduate degree from the Evergreen State College and an MFA from the Parsons School of Design. He taught at Parsons, NYU and is currently chair of the Interactive Arts department at the Maryland Institute College of Art. At MICA he also developed and coordinates the school’s Game Arts program, which explores games as an artistic medium. His work has been shown through the New Museum, the Chelsea Museum, Ars Electronica and his most recent game Lords & Ladies is available from Gryphon Games.

Jussi Holopainen (FI)

Jussi is a game researcher currently co-directing Games and Experimental Entertainment Laboratory Europe, Karlsruhe, Germany. Previously he worked for years at Nokia Research Center focusing mainly on game design patterns, pervasive games, and experimental game design for new technologies. He has authored or co-authored numerous conference and journal papers. He is also a co-author of Patterns in Game Design book and one of the editors of Plei-Plei!, a book about playful design.

Kaho Abe (US/JP)

kahoabe.net @kahodesu

Kaho Abe is a NYC based Media Artist and Game Designer focused on improving social and personal experiences through the use of technology, fashion and games. She is the Artist in Residence at the Game Innovation Lab at NYU-Poly where she designs digital games that are played in the physical world, face to face. She builds the custom game controllers for her games, and more recently has been exploring the intersection between games and wearable technology through costumes as game controllers.

Karol Baranowski (PL)

Kate Tiernan (UK)


Studied at Goldsmiths Fine Art and Critical Theory going on to exhibit nationally and internationally in Norway, London, Wales, New York and Canada. Ten years expertise of working with some internationally renowned organisations such as Arnolfini, Tate Modern, V&A, British Museum and BFI. Bringing an emphasis on practice based research, positioned in a site specific context enabling a direct engagement with and through place making. Currently involved in a research project with Goldsmith University, also a contributor for the arts publication Studio International. Kate lives and works in London.

KIX - Enrique Perez (ME)


Enrique Perez “KIX” is a Mexican artist, gameplay designer and entertainer that finds hard having a social meeting or party without games, especially birthdays. He has worked as designer in the casual gaming industry and as a lecturer on games at undergraduate and graduate levels. He completed his masters´ in Games and New Media at the IT University of Copenhagen and Gothenburg University, respectively. Currently, as Research Fellow in the Gamification Lab at the Centre for Digital Cultures of Leuphana University Lüneburg in Germany, the main topic of his research activity is casual serious games dealing with critical social issues. kixlogo

Lena Mech (CZ)


Lena is a street game designer and public space observer. Her games were exhibited on many festivals around Europe, such as Playpublik in Berlin, w00t, Play:Vienna and Venice Biennale. Currently her and Patrick’s joint work with Copenhagen Game Collective is part of “Pixelade” exhibition in Copenhagen.

Librarians of Cracow (PL)

Karol Baranowski – librarian, blogger and internet addict; Filip Madaj – librarian, passionate of the any kind of game activity; and all the staff members from Arteteka WBP w Krakowie

Make and Do - Hilary O'Shaughnessy (IR)

www.facebook.com/pages/Make-and-Do/153488021368585 @playfairire

Make and Do's work sits at the intersection of technology, performance and design. They love to get people moving with technology in the real world. They have designed what they call outsider games for exhibitions, festivals and agencies including We-The Resistance, a hardware RFID based game of stealth for GAME at the Science Gallery and Run The World, a quantified-self inspired game about personal data for Dublin City Of Science. As Artist in Residence at Project Arts Centre, Make and Do will host Prototype, a festival of Playful Design and Interaction to showcase interactive work in new ways to new audiences in October 2014.

Marilena Agathou (GR)

Marilena Agathou is a visual communication designer. She has been working several years in the Advertising and branding industry. Human Frontier is her first game design project, but definitely not the last. Her analogue origin is Corfu and her digital is Karvounolaggas. Always in the search for new creative lands, Marilena will soon launch her own line of designed products.

Martin Nerurkar (DE)

Martin somehow managed to combine his passion for video games with his architecture degree. Currently he lives a double live as a freelance game and interaction designer by day and independent game developer (for Sharkbomb Studios) by night. He's also co-founder of the German Indie Developer community Indie Arena and the Game Culture Club discussion group.

Martin Reiche (DE)

www.martinreiche.com @artsci_berlin

Martin Reiche is an audiovisual artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. He is co­founder of the Subformat Research Group with research on theory of space and spatial digitalization phenomena and is regularly presenting on professional computer science and digital art and gaming conferences.

Mayhua Loh & Fidel Thormet (CH)

Mayhua Loh and Fidel Thomet are both interaction design students in their final bachelor year at Zurich University of the Arts. Apart from some study projects, we created the gesture controlled game The Generator. We are also part of Urban Out, where we combine theatre, games and scenography to interactive experiences.

Michael Straeubig (DE)


Michael Straeubig is a game designer/creative coder, exploring games and playful experiences with a focus on mixed reality and locative play. His games include “Secret City - Missing Max”, “(Speed) Gardening Guerrilla”, “Tidy City”, “Eine gegen Eine”, a number of event games and theatrical / experimental interactions. Contributor to numerous workshops, game jams and hackathons, former lecturer at Leuphana University Lüneburg, currently a Marie Curie Fellow at Plymouth University researching participative mixed reality gaming.

One Life Remains (FR)


One Life Remains is a french collective dedicated to creating experimental video games. Nowadays, it includes a code cowboy, a sound agitator, a philosopher, a curator and a pro gamer. All of them work, in their own way, towards pushing back the frontier of video game paradigms. This approach make them question the status of game controllers, the relation between playing and performing or the patrimonial value of save files. One Life Remains creations are usually exhibited in galleries or festivals. olrlogo

Patrick Jarnfelt (DK)


Patrick is a game designer and organizer of public events. He is the co-founder of the Copenhagen Game Collective, an experimental artist collective specializing in games, and the “w00t” Play festival in Copenhagen.

Peg (UK)

Peg has extensive experience in aiding and abetting all manner of nonsense for/with public including staging her own games in museums, the creation of twisted immersive worlds for single audience members in obscure dilapidated buildings and outdoor workshops for hordes of Gypsy kids in Istanbul.

Peter Lu & Lea Schönfelder (DE)

Peter Lu and Lea Schönfelder met each other during Lea's residency at the UCLA Game Lab in fall 2012. Both having developed games in small teams before, found that their skills fit together well. Peter who studied math science programs Perfect Woman while Lea, who has an artistic background, is doing all the art. The game design is developed together and since Lea went back to Germany in January 2013 all that is happening via Skype. Later in 2013 the team was supported by Marius Winter on the artistic work while Benedikt Haas and Annika Bauer joined as producers. Steven Amrhein did the promotional trailer and students from the Musikhochschule Trossingen delivered the soundtrack for the game.

play:vienna (AT)


Play:Vienna and the street game conspiracy is an artist collective and Austria’s first festival for games in public spaces. Philipp Ehmann is a transdisciplinary artist and theatre director from Austria, who creates playful experiences, in unusual spaces. His work seeks out playful dramaturgies, investigates public and private spaces and has been curated internationally. Philipp is co-founder of Play:Vienna and the street game conspiracy.

SaBa - Sam Sheffield & Barry Whittaker (US)


SaBa is a series of collaborative projects created by Sam Sheffield & Barry Whittaker. Currently based in Baltimore, MD and Toledo, OH, Sam & Barry develop interactive work inspired by a variety of media ranging from Japanese television and history to internet memes and game theory.

Sebastian Gassner & Daniel J Wilson (SE)

Sebastian Gassner is a software consultant for Free Software technologies; he is also a contributor to various Open Source software projects. He has been developing programs in such diverse fields as problem gambling, file sharing and the analysis of social media data. He has been studying Software Engineering in Austria and Art & Technology in Sweden. After living and working in Sweden for almost a decade, Gassner has resettled to Austria. He has been involved in projects such as www.pipe.com, www.fruji.com and www.playscan.com, working start-ups, artists and companies worldwide.

Daniel J Wilson is an artist and filmmaker working across multiple media. His work has been exhibited at galleries and festivals internationally, including the Broadway Media Center in Nottingham, culturaDigital in Rio de Janeiro, the Copenhagen Art Festival, the DUMBO Arts Festival and MoMA PS1 in New York. His work has been covered by The New York Times, The London Times, The Daily Telegraph, Neural, L Magazine and Art F City. Wilson has recently completed residencies at SOMA in Mexico City, IMC Lab+Gallery in New York, a fellowship program with UnionDocs, and was selected to attend The School for Poetic Computation. He is currently part of The New Museum’s incubator program NEW INC. His work has been supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the National Film Board of Canada, Grand NCE and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Szu-Ni Wen, Bager Akbay, Friedrich Kirschner (DE/TW/TU)

Szu-Ni Wen is an Artist, Performer and Activist from Taiwan, currently living in Berlin.
Bager Akbay is the Interactive Media Program Director at Plato Vocational School, and Co-Founder of Iskele 47- a multi disciplinary creative space in Kadiköy Istanbul.
Friedrich Kirschner is Professor for Digital Media at the University of Performing Arts "Ernst Busch" in Berlin

Tassos Stevens (UK)


Tassos Stevens is a theatre-maker, an ex-psychologist, and miscellaneous other hats. He’s founder, co-director and an artist frequently representing Coney, which makes all kinds of live and responsive play involving the audience. Work he’s helped make for Coney includes A Small Town Anywhere, The Loveliness Of Lower Marsh, Codename: REMOTE, the BAFTA-winning Nightmare High for Channel 4 Education, and RSVP with DYT in the Dublin Fringe Festival. He’s designed live games including Earpiece, Following, Counter-Demo, Mustang vs Mosaic, A Secret Game, and Sangre y Patatas for Hide & Seek, IgFest, Come Out & Play NYC, Play:Vienna, and Pop Up Playground Melbourne, and run workshops about playing in public space from Brooklyn to Tasmania. He was also lead game design for the iPhone game Papa Sangre and its unofficial sequel The Nightjar.

The Herdecke Sawhorses (IT/FR/DE/US)


The Herdecke Sawhorses is a collective of 12 people from all around the world which met for the first time and created this game during 72 Hours Interaction, a world championship of playful architecture which took place on 21-27 July 2014 in Witten (Germany).

The Larks (UK)


The Larks are pervasive game makers based in Manchester, UK. We combine the spectacle of theatre with the agency of play in unexpected blends of gaming, interactivity and the theatrical. Our work uses game structures to tell stories, and we are passionate about engaging with 'the now'. We take our games to festivals all over Europe, as well as to museums, theatres, squares and streets. larkslogo

Urban Action (IL)


Urban Action is a civic design practice that involves residents, decision makers and professionals. It harnesses creative thinking and existing resources within a community to rapidly make places. Through the power of temporality and experimentation, it encourages participation and a lasting change of perception. Through an extreme deadline, a tight budget and limited space, Urban Action sets the imagination free to allow for new possibilities and players in public space. 72HUA.com

Viv Schwarz & Ellan Parry (UK)

Viv Schwarz is an author, illustrator and artist. She has created games and workshops for schools, festivals, museums and other venues all over Europe including the National Maritime Museum, Playful Arts 2014 and London's Southbank Centre.

Ellan Parry is a scenographer and visual artist working mainly in theatre and opera. She has facilitated and run workshops for the Bush Theatre, Falmouth School of Art and Big Burns Supper Festival, among others.

Zack Wood (US)


Zack Wood, AKA Beauregard Blixby the Simple Country Preacher and Culinary Entrepreneur, is a game designer and artist based in Berlin.

ZebraProjekt (PL)

zebraprojekt.pl @ZebraProjekt

ZebraProjekt - a band of enthusiasts of city puzzles. For us the City is a whole universe. We are fond of little streets and big squares, dark and light places and technology that surrounds us. ZebraLogo