Festival for Playful Public Spaces

Hello Iris

Hello Iris' is a playful experience in an internet cafe. You'll aim to blend into the reality of the cafe, taking a terminal as if you were there to chat to a friend. You might not know at first who else is playing. Iris, a a playful messenger of the network, will find you and lead you into the experience that unfolds both online and in the real world.

Hello Iris' examines what's in play in the public space of an internet cafe, and the poetry of long-distance communications.

How do you find poetry in long-distance communications?

Format: Game

  • October 05, 2014 13:00 – 14:30

Tassos Stevens (UK)


Tassos Stevens is a theatre-maker, an ex-psychologist, and miscellaneous other hats. He’s founder, co-director and an artist frequently representing Coney, which makes all kinds of live and responsive play involving the audience. Work he’s helped make for Coney includes A Small Town Anywhere, The Loveliness Of Lower Marsh, Codename: REMOTE, the BAFTA-winning Nightmare High for Channel 4 Education, and RSVP with DYT in the Dublin Fringe Festival. He’s designed live games including Earpiece, Following, Counter-Demo, Mustang vs Mosaic, A Secret Game, and Sangre y Patatas for Hide & Seek, IgFest, Come Out & Play NYC, Play:Vienna, and Pop Up Playground Melbourne, and run workshops about playing in public space from Brooklyn to Tasmania. He was also lead game design for the iPhone game Papa Sangre and its unofficial sequel The Nightjar.